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San Lorenzo, CA is a census-designated place on the east San Francisco Bay, which sits directly northeast of Hayward. If you’re looking to own property in this area, here’s what you should know.

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San Lorenzo, CA Overview

The area known as San Lorenzo began as one of America’s first planned communities, and other cities around the country were made based from it. Today, it still offers the same picturesque scenery and community-oriented lifestyle that it did back then.

San Lorenzo is a simple place with plenty of amenities both in-town and nearby. Restaurants, shops, and a library are offered in the area. San Lorenzo Trail is a favorite among residents; a scenic park with a lovely waterfront breeze.

Investing in San Lorenzo, CA Real Estate

Every year, new people move to San Lorenzo in search of a peaceful environment, easy access to other major cities, and relatively affordable housing. Compared to other communities in the San Francisco Bay area, San Lorenzo is very inexpensive, even though homes are well-maintained and charming. Not only is this good news for tenants, but to investors, it means the area still has plenty of room to grow.

Owning property in San Lorenzo is a great long-term investment, because you can rent out property until home values have increased to your liking.

Finding Property Management in San Lorenzo, CA

If you’ve decided to buy property in San Lorenzo, the next step is to find a reputable property management company. Some companies are inexperienced, and others take days to reply to emails or calls.

Seville Property Management is different. We know exactly how to make an investment thrive in the niche housing market of San Lorenzo. We’re also prompt at providing on-demand service to you and your tenants, and we keep you in the loop about everything we do.

Don’t settle for less; choose Seville Property Management for all your property needs.

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We offer all you need to maximize your rental home's potential:

Property Marketing

Need tenants for your property? Our marketing team works quickly to spread the word. We schedule showings with interested prospects & guide them through the application.

Tenant Screening

All applicants must meet our approval criteria. We screen every tenant carefully and only place highly qualified renters. This approach helps keep your investment protected.

Rent Collection

Get your funds in on time each month. We handle all billing and rent collection for you & keep tenants current. It's never been easier to access your monthly earnings.


Our maintenance support includes responding to repair requests, dispatching workers, and processing all related invoices. Your tenants stay happy & your rental healthy.

Property Inspections

We perform inspections on every home we manage to make certain there are no problems lurking behind the scenes. We document all inspections and put notes in your account for review.

Financial Reporting

Staying in the loop regarding your home's performance has never been easier. Sign into your account portal at any time to view the latest financial statements from our team.


We're almost always able to avoid an eviction, but if push comes to shove, we'll walk you through the eviction process. When it's complete, we'll find qualified new tenants.

Legal Guidance

Don't get caught in a bind because you ignored one of the many housing laws or ordinances that impact your home. We work to keep you compliant and protect your bottom line.

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We're Prompt Communicators

When it comes to getting the job done, we don't delay. Got a question or need some help? We're happy to help! Our team responds to phone calls and emails quickly, keeping both you and your tenants satisfied.

We Understand the Needs of Modern Renters

Connecting with the right tenants is perhaps the single most important component of the property management equation. We understand what modern renters are looking for, and we'll highlight your property's strengths to win them over.

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If you own rentals in the East Bay of San Francisco, you understand the many challenges that accompany the day-to-day management of your investment. From finding great tenants for the property to responding to repair requests and generating monthly bills, property management takes plenty of careful attention to detail and hard work. If you're ready to optimize your home for success, you need the dedicated support of a professional property management team.

At Seville Property Management, we partner with homeowners across Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Our talented property management staff works to identify your specific concerns, and then we tailor our management approach to ensure we leave no stone unturned. Whether you own a large portfolio of rental units or you have just one property, we have the resources and footprint necessary to help you obtain unbeatable results.

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